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UPS Announces the Addition of 3D Printers

With 3D printing becoming more and more popular, more people are now looking to get their hands on this rather new piece of technology. That is why many people are looking to either purchase their own 3D printer, or at least find somewhere where they can give this kind of technology a try.

UPS seems to be one of the companies that wants to spearhead this particular movement. The company has announced that 3D printers will become available at around 100 of their stores across the United States, which is quite a big step for this particular piece of technology. With it becoming more readily available to people, there is every chance that this could herald a whole new era for 3D printing.

What Does This Announcement Mean?

UPS making this decision illustrates more than anything just how popular 3D printing could soon become. Many people will not be too sure about buying a 3D printer themselves mainly because they don’t know how they work. Having them available in UPS stores means that they will be able to casually visit the store and experiment with some of the printing ideas they have had.

This announcement also opens the door for smaller businesses that were looking at using 3D printing for their model and prototyping but didn’t have the large capital needed to purchase a printer. Instead of purchasing their own 3D printer, they will be able to visit a UPS store and get a model while they are waiting. It would be a great way to speed up the manufacturing and production side of a small business’s output straight away, while at the same time also allowing them to pay more attention to the smaller details.

When Will UPS Have These 3D Printers Ready?

UPS haven’t outlined when all of these 3D printers will be available, or even how close to 100 stores it will be. At the moment, there are over 40 UPS stores that have 3D printers up and running and ready for people to come in and use. There is every chance that UPS will wait and see how successful their current 3D printers are before they start installing the rest of their printers and hit 100 stores.

Are Other Companies Making 3D Printers Easier To Access?

UPS are actually just one of a few companies that are looking to make 3D printing something anyone can do. Companies like Amazon, Microsoft and Staples are also looking at ways in which they can make 3D printing something that everyone has access to whenever they want. While 3D printing has long been considered something that only technically minded people use, it is pretty clear with how many businesses that are getting involved that it will soon be considered something that is in the mainstream.

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