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Make Your Own Furniture with 3D Printers

Now that 3D printing is starting to become more popular, many developers are now looking at how far they can take the technology. More specifically, they are looking at what they can design and then build simply by using a 3D printer and a set design file. Furniture could well be one of the things that could be made regularly by 3D printers in the future. In fact, many companies and even individuals are developing new ways in which printing furniture could well become a reality.

What Are The Benefits Of Making Furniture With A 3D Printer?

The main benefit that people will enjoy about being able to make their own furniture with a 3D printer is how much control they will have. Once people are in possession of a basic file that outlines a piece of furniture, a person can then start making changes wherever they want. They can alter the size, shape, color and many other things until they have something they really want. This could be revolutionary for anyone that considers themselves to be quite picky about the kind of furniture they have in their home. A 3D printer could potentially allow them to make furniture exactly how they want it.

How Is This Technology Being Developed?

At the moment, the vast majority of 3D printer developers are looking at making larger printers that will be suitable for people in their own homes. At the moment, some people will be able to make small pieces of furniture at home, such as coat hangers and lamp casings. Chances are that it will not be long before people are able to buy printers that will be capable of printing larger pieces of furniture, such as chairs and tables.

There is one designer who is well on his way to developing this kind of technology. Engineer Sylvian Charpiot has designed a 3D printer that has a robotic arm feature, which enables it to make larger objects such as chairs. This is a big step in the right direction for this kind of technology. Not only that, but Charpiot is also running a crowd funding campaign to make another 3D printer.

How Long Will It Be Before This Technology Is Available In Homes?

Technically speaking, the technology is already available for homes now. 3D printers can be purchased by anyone who wants them, the only problem is they are not yet quite advanced enough to make a wide range of usable objects. Having said that, it will probably not be very long until 3D printers will be able to create furniture. Many developers are looking at ways in which this can be made possible and the future certainly looks very bright. The only obstacle standing in their way is the ability to print these kind of objects in someone’s home, which is something that will soon be dealt with once more updated 3D printers are created.

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