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Now You Can Use Your iPhone as a 3D Scanner

With 3D printers and scanners becoming more popular than ever, some forms of technology are now trying their best to keep up. As a result, many of the bigger technology companies are now turning to 3D printing and scanning as a way of either improving their own output, or as a means to expand their own business.

Microsoft is planning on doing the latter. They have announced that their research lab is currently working on a way of altering the 2d camera on the back of iPhones so they can be used as 3D scanners. Naturally this is a project that is in the early stages, but Microsoft are clearly taking the idea of having 3D scanners on smartphones very seriously.

How Will It Work?

Microsoft released a demonstration video to help illustrate how they plan to make 3D scanners a reality in iPhones. In the video, the whole thing is put together quite roughly and a lot of people will be skeptical about whether or not it will work. Microsoft claim that they will be able to turn the 2D camera on an iPhone into a 3D scanner without any extra hardware. This is something that naturally sounds dubious to some people, but Microsoft are insisting that it can be done. This is why they have created MobileFushion, which is the name of this project.

What Are The Chances Of It Working?

For the moment at least, it’s unclear how well this will work. Because no extra hardware is being used, many people suspect that Microsoft will not be able to get far with this project. Having said that, Microsoft itself is insisting that not only will this work with iPhones, but the project will also enable them to turn 2D cameras into 3D scanners on all smartphones, not just iPhones. They also have very clear intentions to make this a feature that is available to the general public in the very near future, so Microsoft clearly have a lot of confidence in their project.

What Could This Mean?

Having a 3D scanner on your smartphone could be one of the next big technological advances. Considering that 3D printing is becoming more and more popular, being able to scan new models and designs while on the move could prove to be very beneficial. For example, if you are working for a manufacturing company that is looking for a new and fresh design, then you could easily scan something that has spiked your imagination. You could then take this design, put it through a 3D printer and then make all the changes that you want. Not only that, but it would also enable you to make any changes you want to the designs you have when you’re out and about and you suddenly get a little inspiration.

Ultimately, if Microsoft are able to make a success of this project then the possibilities really are endless. It will just be a matter of how long we will have to wait before Microsoft are able to release new smartphones with this capability.

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